Restaurant Accounting Services

Stamford restaurant accounting

In the restaurant industry, maintaining a firm grasp on your accounting and bookkeeping can be challenging. After pleasing patrons, managing staff and overseeing daily operations, chances are you have little time or energy left to pour over the books and try to make sense of the financials. At Westhill Accounting and Tax Services LLC, we understand how restaurants operate and the economic instabilities associated with the food service industry. As part of our industry-specific accounting services, we’ll show you how best to manage your resources to weather seasonal shifts, handle employee turnover, and deal with changing energy costs.

Whether you run small privately-owned restaurant or one that part of a franchise with, our Stamford, CT accounting firm can create a custom menu of accounting and tax services that cater to your business needs. Along the way, we provide clear feedback and help you identify financial trends to help you make the necessary adjustments to sustain cash flow through the slower times of year. In addition to bookkeeping and budgeting, we offer cash flow analysis, tip reporting, tax planning, and much more.

Accounting and Tax Services for Restaurants

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